Leaving Home

Consider why you are leaving home:

If you want to leave because you have family problems, it may be better to try to sort things out if you can. This way, you can leave at a time that suits you and plan any move. We can help you with this if you feel that you cannot communicate with your parents or carers.


Staying with friends or other family is probably the easiest and least stressful option, but it may only be short term. You will be with people you know. It also gives you breathing-space to look into other options. If you are staying with friends or family temporarily, it will not affect the way we assess your housing situation.

Finding your own place can give you more freedom, independence and space, but it’s not guaranteed to be a positive experience. Some young people end up feeling isolated and unable to cope, in debt, or unhappy with where they are living. It’s not easy to manage your own tenancy, and you may struggle to cope with paying rent and your bills.

Before you make any definite decision to leave your family home you should work out your available budget. This is a comparison of your income with the expected expenses as there are many bills in addition to your rent that you will have to pay. Click on the link to access the affordability calculator https://my.knowsley.gov.uk/AffordabilityCalculator/AffordabilityCalculator.aspx

If you can not stay at home for any reason contact Housing Options Service on free phone 0800 694 0280. Calling form a mobile may not always be free, therefore an officer will ask you if you are calling from a mobile telephone and offer to call you back.

Alternatively you can call into the
Kirkby One Stop Shop – Cherryfield Drive, L32 1TX
Monday & Friday 9:00AM – 1:00PM


Huyton One Stop Shop – Archway Road , L36 3YU
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9:00AM – 1:00PM

Outside of these hours you can use the same telephone number 0800 694 0280, you have the option to leave a message for the service to contact you the next day
In an emergency you can speak to somebody for help