What happens when I contact Housing Options Service?

If you are a young person presenting to the Housing Options Service, a structured interview will take place to gather as much information to decide whether a duty is owed to you or whether you can be supported to return home. This interview may be a joint interview with colleagues from Children’s Social Care. Areas that will be covered in the interview will include

  • Your current situation – why are you presenting as homeless
  • Your family – your family make up, what accommodation you have left
  • Support network – what family members are available that may offer support
  • Vulnerability – do you have any health issues, which may include substance misuse
  • Your view – where do you want to live
  • Are you a parent

Following your interview, contact will be made with your parent/guardian/carer with your permission and other agencies as necessary to complete the full assessment.

In all cases Housing Options will seek to reunite you with your immediate family.

Should you not be able to return home, Housing Options will explore extended family and friends. Should family/friends be available for you to stay Housing Options will work in partnership with Children Social Care and Youth Offending Service to ensure that the place is appropriate for you to stay.

If you cannot return home and there are no other family/friends that is appropriate for you to stay. Housing Options will place you in temporary accommodation and request a Child in Need assessment to be completed by Children Social Care.