Homless: EU citizens in the UK

Help if you’re homeless: EU citizens in the UK

Get help finding somewhere to live if you’re homeless and an EU citizen, and have nowhere to stay.

Get advice from Shelter if you are from Europe (the EU or EEA) and are homeless or will be homeless soon.

Contact a Shelter adviser online or phone:

Emergency helpline 0808 302 6115

Private landlords and letting agents have a legal duty to check their tenants are living in the UK legally and have the right to rent.

The council don’t have to offer housing to everyone who is homeless. They look at 5 conditions to decide what you qualify for.

Your rights to help from the council when homeless if you are an EU or EEA national

Most British citizens are eligible to apply for a council house. Some people from abroad are not eligible. Find out if you are eligible.

Find out about your rights when homeless if you are the family member of an EU or EEA national

If you’re from the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) you have similar housing options as UK citizens. But there are some restrictions.