Housing Associations

The role of Housing Associations(registered provider RP) is to provide accommodation that is affordable, secure and well maintained.

Property Pool Plus is how Housing Associations will advertise and let their properties within Knowsley. Once you have registered an application you can then express an interest in or “bid” for properties which suit your needs. To complete an on line application click on the link below

Please be aware that:

  • All Housing Associations will carry out previous housing history check
  • All have strict criteria on past debts
  • Some housing associations may decide that you are not eligible to join their allocation scheme (if people have rent arrears, ASB issues, or have committed serious crimes etc.), ineligibility will last until you have demonstrated a commitment to addressing the issues that prevented you from accessing the scheme.

Some of the Housing Associations, known as Scheme Landlords involved in the scheme are:

  • Cobalt
  • Contour
  • Knowsley Housing Trust
  • Liverpool Mutual Homes
  • Liverpool Housing Trust
  • Muir Housing Group
  • One vision Housing
  • Plus Dane Group
  • Riverside/CHG
  • Villages Housing
  • Your Housing